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Learning about Navigation

Joshua Park, age 13 is part of's programs to teach inner city kids leadership and life skills through sailing. He learned about the history of Chronometers and maritime clocks at Claphams Nation Clock Museum in Whangarei, New Zealand. He is the youngest crew member on the team to sail Laura Dekker's famous boat, Guppy from New Zealand to Fiji. Laura is the youngest sailor ever to sail around the world solo. She is giving Guppy to LifeSail to impact students and inspire them to follow their dreams. Guppy will be crewed by LifeSail volunteers and is due to sail into her new home port in Marina del Rey, California in September. 

Photo credit: Lori Kallestad

Thank you to the staff at Claphams National Clock Museum! If you post this photo please share the link so we can share it as well. We appreciate your time and the education you shared with us.

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