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Here is what our past volunteers have to say

Marenda Kyle

Hawthorne, California

Lifesail has been a transforming part of my summer. From being terrified of the water to getting out in a small boat and being surrounded by it, I've learned to conquer fears and a skill that has made me more adventurous. To help do the same thing for children has been a joy.

Joshua Wendell

Northridge, California

Volunteering for LifeSail is one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life. I love teaching kids and I learn new things about sailing everyday

Nora Thiaprasit

Panorama City, California

I  like to help people. When I see someone achieve their goal to learn how to tack correctly or dock, well then it makes me happy to learn that the student achieved the goal they set out to do. So it's a rewarding experience not just for my self but for the students that takes that experience with them as well

Eddie Arevalo

Hawthrone, California

"Volunteering for life sail taught me how to be handy. Maintaining the boats was important to our safety and the safety of the children. I developed a keen eye for detail while working on the boats. I also learned to make things and to think outside the box. We constantly needed creative solutions to unforeseen problems. Life Sail taught me to have a relentless work ethic, to never settle for what was there and to always look for improvements. After a hard day's work, we would unwind and de-stress by going sailing. Those afternoons in the water will be unforgettable

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